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Complete the following sentences using is, am, are, was or were. 4. I cannot find my books. was were am is are. here two minutes ago. 5. Everything. ready; so let the games begin. you born? 7. These skyscrapers. among the tallest in the world today. 8. My old car. rusting in the garage; so I sold it. 9. The new manager. really very kind, I'm sure you'll like him. 10. The teaher. not satisfied with my homework; so I need to redo it. 11. Many roads. blocked as there is heavy snow today.

This is a worksheet about Be ( am, is, are, was, were). PARSLAND is from/lives in Iran and has been a member of iSLCollective since 2015-10-17 08:50:12.

Обсуждали – discussed, were discussing или have discussed? →. 20/04/2011 · 01:14. Был – is, was или were? ВОПРОС: Он был врачом. Так как глагол to be является неправильным, его форму Прошедшего Простого времени необходимо запомнить: was/were. Итак, нам необходимо выбрать из двух вариантов: а) и с). При выборе следует учитывать, что форма were используется в сочетании с местоимениями we, you, they. Форма was – с I, he, she, it. Так как в нашем предложении использовано местоимение he, то правильным выбором будет форма was, .

Is the Is Are is the second studio album by American indie rock band DIIV, released on February 5, 2016 on Captured Tracks. Self-produced by vocalist and guitarist Zachary Cole Smith, the album was recorded at Strange Weather Recording Studio and The Bunker, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was preceded by the singles, "Dopamine", "Bent (Roi's Song)", "Under the Sun" and "Is the Is Are".

What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits is the fourth studio album by American rock band The Doobie Brothers. The album was released on February 1, 1974, by Warner Bros. Tom Johnston's "Another Park, Another Sunday" was chosen to be the album's first single. It's about losing a girl," stated Johnston. I wrote the chords and played it on acoustic, and then Ted had some ideas for it, like running the guitars through Leslie speakers.

Half-Life: Peaces like Us is a singleplayer modification for Half-Life. Story: Mankind found an entrance to XEN world and an investigation team met with the uncanny aliens in there world. Then, mankind succeeded in becoming allies with them. Info: An alien is a friend. Don't shoot it! Hint: There is a secret in a certain map. This place seems to fall.

Thus, there is no hostility between the two races. So who do you fight? The Marines! They’ve come to Xen with a vengeance and are out to kill you, your fellow scientists, and the flora and fauna of Xen. Suit up Gordon, you’re going to take a bruising. I’ll start with the story, since I liked it. I’m not a huge fan of duking it out with aliens, so fighting only Marines was a nice change

The government (is/are) passing new laws. Her knowledge of English (is/are) very good. Measles, which (is/are) a children’s disease, (is/are) dangerous for adults. 12. The audience (was/were) given free tickets. 13. The economics (is/are) very interesting. 14. His death (was/were) a great shock. 15. Fish (is/are) easy to look after as pets. 16. Radio news (give/gives) us less information than television news. 17. The stairs to the ground floor (was/were) over there. 18. The information (was/were) very helpful. 19. His glass (is/are) on the table.

1 Zadanie 2. 1. Oranges were imported into Britain. 2. Joe has lost his passport. 3. Glass is made from sand. I have made some coffee. Would you like some ? 5. This shopping centre was built ten years ago. 6. The streets in this town are cleaned every day. 7. Have you finished your work ? 8. Jill is gone to Italy for a holiday. These are very old photographs.


1 Don't Take It For Granted 4:18
2 Endless Line 3:11
3 Oasis 2:50
4 She Stands So Close 3:56
5 Natalie Would 2:37
6 Existential Me 4:05
7 Portrait In Vanity 3:11
8 Old Anxiety 3:57
9 Telephone's Ringing In My Ear 2:55
10 Nobody Cares 3:16
11 Dahlia 3:28
12 Sunny Day (Into My Heart) 3:23
13 Something Wrong Could Be Right 4:06
14 From Each Other's Eyes 2:41


  • Artwork – Randy Halverson
  • Engineer – Mike Riddle
  • Photography – Franco Piras


The Peaces are:

Brian Halverson, Paul Stingo and John Gigante.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 8 37101 28610 7

The Peaces - Is/Are Was/Were mp3 play

Performer: The Peaces

Title: Is/Are Was/Were

Date of release: 2006

Style: Power Pop

Genre: Rock / Pop

Size MP3: 1140 mb

Size FLAC: 1559 mb

Rating: 4.7 / 5

Votes: 357


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